Monday evening: 6:30pm – Running Session (ES Mark Athletics Field, Kensington)

Tuesday morning: 6:00am – Coogee Beach Bootcamp (Coogee Beach)

Wednesday lunch time: 11:45am – Bootcamp (Hyde Park)

Thursday morning: 6:00am – Coogee Beach Bootcamp1 (Coogee Beach)

Thursday morning: 6:45am – Coogee Beach Bootcamp2 (Coogee Beach)

Saturday morning: 9:00am – Weekend Bootcamp (Centennial Park)


Mar-Apr-May 2018: 8-Sunday Running Program. Enjoy these 8 routes around Sydney. If you are running the Sydney Morning Herald Half Marathon (21.1km) or Relay (10.5km), Sunday, May 20, 2018 this is a great program for your preparation as well.

Jul-Aug 2018: 5-Saturday City2Surf Specific Program (Rose Bay & Eastern Suburbs)

Jun-Jul-Aug 2018: 8-Sunday Long run sessions – Marathon preparation (Sydney)

Oct-Nov-Dec 2018: 10-Week Weight Loss Program (Sydney)

2018: Ankle strengthening Programs available (Contact Raquel if you are interested)


*Important information for weekly or monthly packages:

1. Consecutive weeks.

2. Package payments must be paid 1 week prior to the start date.

3. If you go on holidays and you let me know when you make the payment, you will have an alternative to not miss your sessions.


DETAILS: Improve your running, speed, technique and strength by coming along to this session. Every program is different, challenging, motivating and fun. The programs include running, technique, circuits, intervals, hills, steps, etc. Raquel adapts the session to accommodate all levels of fitness. Beginners are welcome.

DATE: Monday evenings – JOIN ANYTIME!

TIME: From 6:30pm to 7:30pm (60 minute session)

LOCATION: ES Marks Athletics Field, Boronia St & Anzac Parade, Kensington NSW 2033


$18 per session – 10-week program ($180) (Consecutive weeks)

*Raquel will personalize a package for you if you join in the middle of a program for the sessions left!

$25 per session – Single session ($25)

+ $6 entry fee to the track on arrival ($4.50 if purchased online)

*Specific and complementary program while preparing the Sydney Morning Herald Half Marathon (21.1km) or Relay (10.5km), Sunday, May 20, 2018

Come to the track from Monday 26th March to Monday 14th May whenever you can and have a great complementary training for the event: CURRENT OPTION AVAILABLE: 4-Monday package: $88 ($22 per session) + $6 entry fee.

Contact Raquel




DETAILS: The perfect way to start your day in front of Coogee Beach (Goldstein Reserve).  Join a motivating, fun and inspiring group of people in a great environment. No matter what your level of fitness, Raquel customizes the workout to accommodate you. Circuit training, cardio, muscle tone, Boxing, legs, core, gluts and more.

DATE: Tuesday & Thursday mornings


Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6:00 to 6:45 am (45 minute session)

Thursdays 6:45 to 7:30 am as well (45 minute session)

LOCATION: The training session is conveniently located on the grass area in front of Coogee Beach. Buses to the City, Bondi Junction, Randwick, Eastgardens and many other main locations. Plenty of parking at this time of morning, public toilets and showers, restaurants, cafes, shops, supermarkets, etc.


$15 per session – 2 days per week – 12-week package – 24 sessions ($360)

$17 per session – 2 days per week – 8-week package – 16 sessions ($272)

$18 per session – 1 day per week – 10-week package – 10 sessions – ($180)

$25 per session – Single session ($25)

*Every Thursday: Please bring your boxing set (Some of the Thursdays we do boxing).

Contact Raquel



DETAILS: The best way to be productive and feel good for the entire day. Have a break at lunch time and exercise. Circuit training – every session is different and challenging. Suitable for all fitness levels, Raquel customizes the workout to accommodate you.

DATE: Wednesday lunch time

TIME: From 11:45 to 12:30 pm (45 minute session)


$18 per session – 8-week package ($144)

$22 per session – 6-week package ($132)

$25 per session – Single session ($25)

Contact Raquel




DETAILS: Circuit training sessions with a variety of fitness exercises. Motivating and enjoyable start to the weekend. Suitable for all fitness levels. There are a few different designed circuits and we go through them every Saturday. The kind of circuit and exercises change often so new challenges are constantly coming.

DATE: Saturday morning

TIME: 9:00 to 10:00am (60 minute session)

LOCATION: Centennial Park, Sydney, NSW


$16 per session – 10-Saturday package ($160)

$20 per session – 5-Saturday package ($100)

$25 per session – Single sessions – $25

*If it rains, this session is at Redfern Park under a big cover (8 minute walk from Central Station). Only 3 km far from the Centennial Park.

Contact Raquel





8-Sunday Running Program – If you are running the Sydney Morning Herald Half Marathon (21.1km) or Relay (10.5km), Sunday, May 20, 2018 this is a great program for your preparation as well.

DETAILS: Run around Sydney and discover new exciting routes while preparing the most popular Half Marathon in Sydney: The Sydney Morning Heralf Half Marathon 21.1km in May (or Relay option the same day: Runner 1: 10.5km + Runner 2: 10.5km) As soon as Raquel comes back to Sydney after running Tokyo Marathon, she will help you with your preparation. (SYDNEY HALF MARATHON: Sunday, May 20, 2018)

DATE: Sunday morning

TIME/START 1 (Longer distance) – Start: 7:00am (1.5 to 2 hour session)

TIME/START 2 (Shorter distance) – Start: 7:30/45am (60 to 90 minute session)


*FIRST EARLY PAYMENT (Payments before 20th February) EXPIRED!

*SECOND EARLY PAYMENT (Payments before 20th March) EXPIRED!



LOCATION DETAILS: 8 Exciting routes! (Running the actual course is included as well)

Sunday 25th March: Coogee

Sunday 1st April: Darling Harbour – We cross Anzac Bridge

Sunday 8th April: Bronte

Sunday 15th April: Sydney CBD – We cross Harbour Bridge

Sunday 22nd April: Sydney Park

Sunday 29th April: Darling Harbour – We cross Pyrmont Bridge

Sunday 6th May: Rose Bay

Sunday 13th May: Darling Harbour – Pyrmont




VERY SPECIFIC TRAINING! 60 to 90-minute sessions! GET READY!

Great deals for early payments!!

City2Surf Sunday, August 12, 2018

The most popular running event in Sydney – 14 km

5 SATURDAYS – From Saturday 7 July to Saturday 4 August (Rose Bay & Eastern Suburbs)

In 2016, Raquel was 178 of 34,557 women

Raquel´s goal: Finishing this event within the first 100 women in Sydney!

DETAILS: VERY SPECIFIC training, running, tips, hills, how to run up hills, how to run hills down, steps and more. Some of the sessions in this program include the popular heartbreak hill and the actual route as well. ALL LEVELS.

DATE: Saturday morning

TIME: Start: 7:00am (60 to 90 minute session)


BEST DEAL: 5-Saturday package for 2 people – $60 each (1 person must be a new client)

5-Saturday package – $95 EARLY PAYMENT! (For payments before 31st May)

5-Saturday package – $110 (Anytime)

3-Saturday package – $75 (Anytime)



Ankle strengthening programs

DETAILS: SPRAINED ANKLE? First of all RICE: Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation. After a few weeks, when your doctor allows you, you should start making your ankle strong and recovering its strength. It´s very important to recover your injury quickly, otherwise you could have long term problems.

Raquel had a sprained ankle before running the New York Marathon, she was constantly in pain for 8 weeks, as soon as the doctor allowed her to start with strength exercises she did it and she recovered fully. She will help you to recover your injury.

For more information about these programs, contact Raquel.

Contact Raquel

Personal Training

Raquel’s energy, motivation and dedication will inspire you to make and achieve your fitness goals.

  • One to one – Want to improve your fitness and not sure where to start? Raquel can help find what type of exercise works for you, and design a program to suit your personal health and fitness needs.
  • Couples – Are you looking to get fit with your significant other? Whether you are after a bit of friendly competition or want to work in tandem, Raquel will motivate you both to take the next steps in your fitness journey together.
  • Families – Get the whole family involved and get in touch with Raquel today to tackle your goals together. No matter what age, size or fitness level, Raquel offers a no judgement service.
  • Groups (5-Week or 10-Week Program) – Looking for someone to train you and a group of friends or colleagues? Raquel offers a fun, collaborative indoor or outdoor personal training service – where fitness becomes fun!
  • Corporate Fitness – Whether you are looking for a personal trainer to be on call for your business’ needs, or are looking for a few one-off sessions for your employees, Raquel has you covered.
  • Triathlon, Marathon and Running Coaching – Raquel lives what she teaches, and regularly competes in triathlons and marathons. Whether you want to learn how to run healthily or are looking to compete in a huge competition, she can draw on years of experience to create the perfect program for you.
  • Swimming Coach – Need someone to teach you to swim, or help you improve your skills in the water? Raquel is a qualified swimming instructor too! Swimming lessons one to one or group swimming lessons.
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Personal Trainer Fitness

“Our only limit is our mind”

Raquel Holgado, Personal Trainer & Coach