Raquel Holgado is a qualified and highly motivated personal trainer and fitness coach. Raquel has the highest accreditation in Australia to coach people for running.

Raquel does triathlons and what she likes the most is running. She helps beginners to get into running, setting goals, preparing running programs and training them. She helps runners to improve their running skills, technique, speed and other goals.

Fitness Australia

Raquel is a Member of Fitness Australia, Triathlon Australia & Athletics Australia


Specific Running Qualifications:

  • Running Coach, Athletics Australia (Highest Level)
  • Trail Running Coach, Australia
  • Endurance Sports Certificate, Madrid, Spain
  • Certificate IV (Personal Trainer) Fitness Australia
  • Certificate III (Fitness Instructor) Fitness Australia
  • Nutrition and Weight Management, Sydney, Australia
  • Nutrition and Supplementation, Madrid, Spain  

Some of Raquel´s achievements:

  • Tokyo Marathon 2018
  • Melbourne Marathon 2017 (3:39 hours)
  • Great Wall Marathon, China 2017
  • New York Marathon 2016
  • 2016 Sydney City2Surf in 1:01:56 (177 of 34,553 females)
  • Woodford to Glenbrook 2016, 25km trail run in 2:01 hours; 1st in Age Group; 4th Overall
  • ITU Duathlon in Adelaide 2015 represented Spain
  • Sydney Marathon 2014

Some of Raquel´s goals:

  • The Abbott World Marathon Majors: The 6 most renowned marathons in the world: Tokyo, Boston, London, Berlin, Chicago and New York.
  • Berlin Marathon 2018
  • Boston Marathon 2019
  • Chicago Marathon 2019
  • Machu Picchu Marathon 2020
  • Sydney City2Surf 2019 in 60 minutes


5 Basic Tips for Beginner Runners

  • Do a biomechanical study before buying new shoes for running so you know what is the best option for you. Some running shops include it as a part of their service.
  • Buy half size bigger for running shoes. When a load is applied to your foot by running, it could get a bit bigger.
  • Include some interval running sessions in your training to improve your running.
  • Try to figure out how much time your digestive system needs to digest food before running. Everybody is different.
  • For a better recovery after running and showering put cold water on your legs.


Contact Raquel


Raquel has a variety of running sessions and programs throughout the year:

  1. There is a regular weekly session (every Monday) at ES Marks Athletics Field, Boronia St & Anzac Parade, Kensington NSW 2033. Join anytime!
  2. There are specific running programs to help you to prepare and achieve some of the most popular running events in Sydney.
  3. There are also fun and challenging weekend programs for a set number of Saturdays or Sundays.

Raquel adapts sessions to accommodate ALL LEVELS. Beginners welcome.

To see Programs and Sessions CLICK HERE



Raquel provides everybody coming to her running sessions with an information sheet containing the most popular running races around Sydney + another some interesting and exciting running races around Australia. Some examples:

  • Sydney Morning Herald (May: 7km, 14km, 21km)
  • Sydney City2Surf (August: 14km)
  • Blackmores Sydney Marathon (September: 4km, 9km, 21km, 42km)
  • Glenbrook Trail Marathon (25km, 34km, 42km)

RUNNING PROGRAMS (Fee: Between AUS $70 and $120 per month)

In addition to her running sessions, Raquel provides programs to prepare your running goals and races for you to do on your own.

PROGRAMS: 3km, 5km, 7km, 10km, 14km, 21km, 25km, and 42km

By coming along to Raquel’s sessions and by following her program you will reach and achieve your goals! You will also get fitter and be stronger!




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“Don’t make excuses, make decisions”

Raquel Holgado, Personal Trainer & Coach