1 Min Challenges

1 Min Challenges

How many times can you do this challenge in 1 minute?

6 WEEKS = 6 challenges

For a period of 6 weeks, everyone will have the chance to complete 1 challenge per week.

Every week the new challenge will be announced on Sunday.



Challenge #1 From 19 April to 26 April 2020

Challenge #2 From 26 April to 3 May 2020

Challenge #3 From 3 May to 10 May 2020

Challenge #4 From 10 May to 17 May 2020

Challenge #5 From 17 May to 24 May 2020

Challenge #6 From 24 May to 31 May 2020


After the 6 challenges, anyone can try to beat other participant´s results at anytime.

How to participate in this challenge

How to prepare for this challenge

  • Practice this exercise for at least 4 or 5 days to prepare the muscles for the challenge
  • Warm up first and then do 3 or 4 sets of 40 or 45 seconds each day (1 minute break between sets)
  • Increase speed progressively each day
  • Please follow the correct technique to the exercises
  • Any time you feel any muscle pain, stop doing the exercise!
  • Do your best but be very careful to not injure yourself!

Challenge #1

Plank from hands to elbows

Keep a neutral neck and spine.

See a video with some of the participants

Challenge #2

Sit Ups (See VIDEO)

Lie down on your back and bend your legs and place feet firmly on the ground to stabilize your lower body.

Curl your upper body all the way up toward your knees and touch the top of your shoes every sit up you do.

See a video with some of the participants

Challenge #3

Plank shoulder tap

Push-up position on the floor with arms directly beneath your shoulders and hips forming a straight line from your shoulders to your feet.

Be as stable as possible, lift one hand off the floor and touch the front of the opposite shoulder. Then place hand back on the floor.

Keeping your hips as still as possible, lift one hand and tap it on the opposite shoulder. Then repeat on the other side.

See a video with some of the participants

Challenge #4

Arm coordination exercise

Choose a piece of round fruit such as an apple, orange, mandarin or similar.

From a standing position, move the piece of fruit from one hand to the other around your body and count how many times you can do it.

See a video with some of the participants

Challenge #5

Single leg foot touch

Start this exercise standing tall with your legs straight and your feet firmly on the ground. Then lift one foot inwards and touch the inside of your shoe or foot with your opposite hand. Repeat it with the other foot and alternate right and left sides.

Then count how many times you can do it. Every touch counts.

Important note: One of the feet must always be touching the ground. (No jumps)

Challenge #6

Bench Dips with bent knees

Stand facing away from a bench, chair or similar and grab it with both hands at shoulder-width.
Bend your knees out in front of you.

Slowly lower your body by flexing at the elbows until your arm at forearm create a 90 degree angle. Then using your triceps lift yourself back to the starting position.

See a video with some of the participants

A HUGE thank you to all who participated in Raquel´s challenges.

It was a thrilling 6 weeks of challenges !


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