Raquel´s outdoor bootcamps:

Raquel´s personal training business has always specialised in outdoor training sessions and is an expert in this field. Her training sessions are some of the most popular outdoor running, swimming and bootcamp training sessions in Sydney.

Raquel is regularly featured in sport and fitness magazines, TV and newspapers from over the world including: Runners World, Sydney Herald Morning newspaper, SBS, CNN,ESPN, Athletics Australia, etc.


Mondays Swimming

Tuesdays Swimming

Wednesdays Swimming

Thursday evenings Coogee Bootcamp

Saturday mornings Centennial Park Bootcamp

Sunday mornings Running (Short runs & Long runs)

*Running Technique Programs available bi-annually



DETAILS: Raquel organizes several swimming technique programs every year. (for beginners or swimmers). All levels.

Swimming lessons designed to learn and improve your swimming technique.

By Raquel Holgado, experienced long distance swimmer, triathlete, marathon runner, fitness coach and running coach. Highly qualified swimming coach accredited by Australia and Spain + water Lifesaving + endurance sports qualifications.

Last long swim achievement:
9-km swim in the Lake Burley Griffin in Canberra, Australia


GROUP 1 – Monday evenings – 40 minute lesson
10-week program, from Monday 11 January to Monday 15 March 2021
Mondays from 6:30pm to 7:10pm
GROUP 2 – Tuesday mornings – 40 minute lesson
10-week program, from Tuesday 12 January to Tuesday 16 March 2021
Tuesdays from  6:15am to 6:55am
GROUP 3 – Wednesday mornings – 40 minute lesson
10-week program, from Wednesday 13 January to Wednesday 17 March 2021
Wednesday from 6:00am to 6:40am
Swimming + Swim-Run
GROUP 4 – Wednesday evenings – 40 minute lesson
10-week program, from Wednesday 13 January to Wednesday 17 March 2021
Wednesday from 5:30pm to 6:10pm


$500 – 20-swim package

$405 – 15-swim package

$290 – 10-swim package

$260 – 8-swim package

$135 – 3-swim package

*Package of swims must be used before the end of the programs, 17 March 2021

Private swimming lessons available anytime – 30-min lesson
1 person: $75 a single training session or $70 x 3-package lesson ($210)
2 people: $50 each ($100) or $45 each if up front payment for 3 lessons ($270).
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DETAILS: Raquel organizes several 10-week bootcamp programs every year.

Enjoy a weekly outdoor training session. Join a motivating and fun group of people. No matter what your level of fitness, Raquel customizes the workout to accommodate everyone. Customized circuit training sessions with an excellent variety of exercises.


Thursday evenings from 6:30 to 7:15pm


$200 – 10-week full program

$180 – 8 weeks of the 10-week program –flexible option

$120 – 5 consecutive weeks

$90 – 3-session package  *To use within 1 month of purchase.

Private personal fitness training lessons anytime as well.

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DETAILS: Motivating and enjoyable start to the weekend. Suitable for all fitness levels.  Every program has a customized training circuit with a large variety of fitness exercises so every program is a new challenge.


Saturday mornings from 9:00 to 10:00am


$190 – 10-week full program – SPECIAL FEE for people who are training and sign up to the following program before the current program ends.

$240 – 10-week full program

$210 – 8 weeks of the 10-week program –flexible option

$90 – 3-session package  *To use within 1 month of purchase.

*If it rains, this session is at Redfern Park under a big cover (8 minute walk from Central Station). Only 3 km far from the Centennial Park.

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Raquel has completed many running events, triathlons, duathlons,  aquathlons, half marathons, etc. + So far 6 Marathons: Sydney Marathon, New York Marathon, Great Wall Marathon in China, Melbourne Marathon, Tokyo Marathon and Berlin Marathon. Next marathons will be: Chicago Marathon, Boston Marathon, London Marathon + some others.

About Sunday runs:

*Sunday runs are for anyone who would like to run with a group. (to prepare for a running event or just to improve your running skills)

*Every Sunday is designed for shorter or longer runs + different speeds and running levels.

*You can join Sunday runs ANYTIME!!



12-WEEK RUNNING PROGRAM (10km and 21.1km preparation)


From Sunday 10 January to Sunday 28 March 2021

Join this program and prepare for a 10km run or a Half Marathon 21.1km

DETAILS: Joining Raquel´s Sunday runs you will enjoy every single Sunday run + have the guidance, support and coaching of an experienced and highly qualified world marathon runner + will get you ready to complete distances from 5km or 10km to a Half Marathon for 21.1km.

DISTANCES: Long runs available each Sunday (18/20km) + short runs (From 2/3km to 10km)

TIME / Starts: 7:00am, 7:30am and 8:00am (End of the sessions around 9:15/9:30am) + Optional FREE swims at the end of some runs.


  • This program is 80% based at Centennial Park + 20% of the program/sessions will start at Coogee or Maroubra.
  • Every week you will receive an email on Fridays with the exact details for the Sunday Session. (Exact location, details of the session, etc.)
  • At the end of the program, everyone will have the opportunity to participate in a running event organized by Raquel Holgado to achieve 10km or half marathon 21.1km or 30km. SEE DETAILS:



+ Optional FREE SWIMS at the end of some runs!!

$312 – 12-week full program ($26 average per session – Only $13 average per hour!)

Flexible options:

$280 – 10 Sundays of the 12-week program

$90 – 3-session package  *To use anytime during the 12-week program

*$80 OFF:

Bring a friend to join the 12-week program and you will both receive a discount (at least one of the 2 people must be a new client coming to the runs for the first time). $80 discount for you and $80 discount for your friend.

Sign up to Raquel´s Running Event and complete a 10km run or half marathon 21.1km or 30km at the end of the running program:

Sunday 11 April – RUNNING EVENT + MEDAL – Run 10km, Half Marathon 21.1km or 30km + Receive a medal. This event has limited spaces! Book your place ASAP! (FEES: Payments before the end of 2020: $40 – January2021-$45 – February2021-$50 – March2021-$55)

To see the photos from the last running event CLICK HERE

For more information about these sessions, contact Raquel.

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DETAILS: Raquel organizes running technique programs bi-annually.

The different programs include running, technique correction (from head to feet: head, shoulders, trunk, arms, hips, gluts, knees, legs, feet and cadence), plyometric exercises, hill & step technique, running drills, specific fitness exercises for running, intervals (speed and endurance increase, VO2 max increases, fat mass decreases, flexibility and elasticity of arteries and veins increases, etc.) and cadence/speed (number of times your foot strikes the ground per minute).

All levels

Please check the dates of upcoming programs!


$250 – 10-week program

$150 – 5-week program

$105 – 3-session package *To use within 1 month of purchase.

+ Only when the sessions are at the Athletics track there is an extra cost: $6 entry fee to the track on arrival ($4.50 if purchased online)

Private running technique sessions are always available. Your running form and technique will be analyzed.

1 person – $120 per session x 2 sessions ($240) or $110 per session x 3 sessions ($300)

2 people – $80 per session x 2 sessions ($160 each) or $70 per session x 3 sessions ($210 each)

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*To see other sporadic events and sessions throughout the year visit or follow Raquel´s Facebook Page HERE

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Personal Training

Raquel’s energy, motivation and dedication will inspire you to make and achieve your fitness goals.

  • One to one – Want to improve your fitness and not sure where to start? Raquel will help find what type of exercise works for you, and design a program to suit your personal health and fitness needs.
  • Couples – Are you looking to get fit with your significant other? Whether you are after a bit of friendly competition or want to work in tandem, Raquel will motivate you both to take the next steps in your fitness journey together.
  • Families – Get the whole family involved and get in touch with Raquel today to tackle your goals together. No matter what age, size or fitness level, Raquel offers a no judgement service.
  • Groups (5-Week or 10-Week Program) – Looking for someone to train you and a group of friends or colleagues? Raquel offers a fun, collaborative indoor or outdoor personal training service – where fitness becomes fun!
  • Corporate Fitness Programs – Whether you are looking for a personal trainer to be on call for your business’ needs, or are looking for a few one-off sessions for your employees, Raquel has you covered.
  • Triathlon, Marathon and Running Coaching – Raquel lives what she teaches, and regularly competes in triathlons and marathons. Whether you want to learn how to run healthily or are looking to compete in a huge competition, she can draw on years of experience to create the perfect program for you.
  • Swimming lessons and coaching – Need someone to teach you to swim, or help you improve your skills in the water? Raquel is a qualified swimming instructor as well! Swimming lessons one to one or group swimming lessons ( swimming pool and ocean water).
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Client Testimonials

Personal Trainer Fitness

“Do what you love and love what you do”

Raquel Holgado, Personal Trainer & Coach



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