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Running Coach Sydney

Raquel Holgado is a qualified and highly motivated personal trainer and running coach.

Running Options:

Group Running Sessions

Join Raquel´s popular group running sessions. Improve your running distance, speed, event preparation and meet new people.

$26 average per session. Check the current program.

Private Running Technique Sessions

Book 2 private sessions with Raquel to improve your running technique, avoid injuries and run more efficiently.

1 person  2-session package – $240

2 people  2-session package – $340 – $170 each

Personalised Online Programs

Contact Raquel to prepare an online personalised running program for you to follow to prepare yourself for a running event.

$100 per month

Specific Running Qualifications:

  • Running Coach, Athletics Australia (Highest Level)
  • Trail Running Coach, Australia
  • Endurance Sports Certificate, Madrid, Spain
  • Certificate IV (Personal Trainer) Fitness Australia
  • Certificate III (Fitness Instructor) Fitness Australia
  • Nutrition and Weight Management, Sydney, Australia
  • Nutrition and Supplementation, Madrid, Spain  

Some of Raquel´s achievements:

  • New York Marathon
  • China Great Wall Marathon
  • Berlin Marathon
  • Tokyo Marathon
  • Sydney Marathon
  • Melbourne Marathon (3:39:00 hours – PB so far)
  • ITU Duathlon in Adelaide representing Spain
  • Canberra Half Marathon (1:38:46 – PB so far)
  • Sydney City2Surf in 1:01:56 (177 of 34,553 females)
  • Woodford to Glenbrook, 25km trail run in 2:01:00 hours; 1st in Age Group; 4th Overall

Raquel is a Member of Fitness Australia, Triathlon Australia & Athletics Australia

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Raquel is regularly featured in sport and fitness magazines, TV and newspapers from all over the world.


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Runs: From 3km to 12/15km
Long Runs: From 15km to 30km
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For more information about these sessions, contact Raquel.

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Sign up to Raquel´s Running Event and complete a 5km run, 10km run or half marathon 21.1km at the end of the running program:

November 2021 – RAQUEL´S BIRTHDAY RUNNING EVENT + MEDAL – Run 5km, 10km or Half Marathon 21.1km + Receive a medal. (FEES: July-$40 – August&September-$50 – October&November-$60)

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For more information about these sessions, contact Raquel.

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Raquel’s Running PBs

City2Surf 01:01:56
Half Marathon 01:38:46
Marathon 03:39:26

Raquel’s Running Marathons (42.2km)

New York Marathon, China Great Wall Marathon, Berlin Marathon, Tokyo Marathon, Melbourne Marathon and Sydney Marathon.



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“Don’t make excuses, make decisions”

Raquel Holgado, Personal Trainer & Coach


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