Raquel Holgado is a qualified and highly motivated personal trainer, fitness coach, swimming australia coach and running coach. Raquel is qualified in Australia and Spain.

Raquel has been swimming since she was 4. She swims in open water, ocean, outdoor ocean rock pools or outdoor swimming pools. She does triathlons, runs marathons and completes swimming events all over the world. She coaches all swimming levels, from beginners learning to swim to advance swimmers who want to improve their swimming technique or prepare for a competition or long swims.

Raquel is a Member of AUSTSWIM Swimming Australia, Fitness Australia, Triathlon Australia & Athletics Australia

Specific Swimming Qualifications:

  • AUSTSWIM Teacher of Swimming and Water Safety, Sydney, Australia
  • Swimming Instructor, Spain
  • Water Lifesaving, Spain
  • Endurance Sports Certificate, Spain
  • Certificate IV (Personal Trainer) Fitness Australia
  • *More qualifications on Home Page.

Raquel´s best swimming achievement:

  • 9-km swim:Lake Burley Griffin long swim in Canberra, Australia. December 2019 (Race time 3:10:53)

Raquel´s next swimming goal:

  • 20-km swim:National Kimberley Lake Argyle Marathon Swim, in Australia. One of the most popular swimming events in the world.

Raquel´s 10 Swimming Tips:

  1. Head and body position – Face down.  Your head directs the rest of your body so that will keep your body straight (less resistance).
  2. Breathing – Inhale outside of the water (mouth) and bring the oxygen to your lungs (not only to your throat). Then exhale inside of the water (80% mouth 20% nose).
  3. Breathing – Don´t hold the air in your mouth, breathe out continuously.
  4. Fingers – Not too close to each other and not too far part. Enough to relax and create a kind of net so you have more power to move more water.
  5. Arm – Stretch your arms forward and far from your shoulders every stroke and don’t cross the midline. Then a full range of arm movement every single stroke.
  6. Back – Use big upper body muscles instead of smaller ones. Use your back strength for your arm strokes so that you have bigger muscles working and supporting your swim so you won’t get tired easily.
  7. Legs – Don’t bend your knees while kicking. Have your legs straight and kick from hips, not from knees. Use glut strength.
  8. Feet – Extend feet and point toes
  9. Long swims – Increase time and distances progressively to avoid injuries.
  10. Hydration – Remember to drink water when you swim, you are in the water but you are exercising.



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“Do what you love and love what you do”

Raquel Holgado, Personal Trainer & Coach


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